Dean's Message 


Scientific Research constitutes a major component of the mission of most institutions of higher education. It is also a prerequisite for developmental activities of nations and societies over the history. Being part of KFUPM as a leading University in the region, the Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination (DROC), does not only support research activities of our faculty, but also contributes to their scholarly and teaching skills through research projects, conference attendance support, and collaboration with international institutions

We in the Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination assume the role of supporting and facilitating research activities of our faculty and researchers. We are doing our utmost efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of research activities at KFUPM. We strive to achieve our goal of leadership in quality research that is focused and directed towards excellence in the areas of expertise of our faculty and researchers. We hope to create the support, guidance and conducive environment that will enhance quality research outputs and will support KFUPM leadership role in the local as well as the international community.

The support provided by the deanship to the research community at KFUPM includes internally funded projects through KFUPM grants, externally funded projects, book writing grants, sabbatical leave projects, consultancy and start-up grants. In addition to that and in order to support the junior faculty to get on board actively in research, the Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination sponsors the Start-up Grant designed for newly joining faculty members. Supporting research and scholarly activities is not limited to research areas of the University, but is also extended to serving the community through Arabic book writing and translation initiatives in addition to societal grants for studies of relevance and benefit to the local society.

Collaboration with international research institutions is also part of the mission of the deanship through sabbatical leave projects, British Council Summer Grants as well as similar grants. Participation of our faculty in the international events can also be achieved through the generous support provided by KFUPM to its faculty through the deanship by supporting faculty attendance of reputable regional and international conferences and scientific meetings.

We count on our faculty, researchers and students to play the major role in achieving our common goal of excellence in research. We also invite you all to provide us with your suggestions and feedback for the improvement of the services we provide to the research community.

Thank you.
Dr. Abdullah Sultan
Dean of Research Oversight and Coordination