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For project with associated payment:

  • Progress Report to be submitted every 6 months
  • Payment for eligible projects will be released upon acceptance of the Progress Report
  • Release of payment is prorated to the duration of the project
  • Final Compensation will be released based on achieving minimum points (0.4*duration) points based on the criteria below:
Criteria Points Max Points
Journal Publication (Q1) 5 per paper No limit
Journal Publication (Q2) 4 per paper No limit
Journal Publication (Q3) 2 per paper No limit
Journal Publication (Q4) 1 per paper No limit
Supervision of Students 2 per student 2
Undergraduate Students 1 per student 2
  • Minimum points for 12-months projects are: 5
  • Minimum points for 18-months projects are: 7
  • Minimum points for 24-months projects are: 10

For “externally” funded projects, payment are released once progress report is accepted by funding agency.