Sponsored Research Office

The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) provides pre-award and post-award administrative services for sponsored projects. The office works closely with University units, faculty, researchers, and students to extend its services. SRO reviews, evaluates, and endorse sponsored projects proposals including budgets, and issue project contract on behalf of KFUPM. In addition, SRO supports all financial transactions related to research project. The Office of Sponsored Research reports directly to the Assistant Dean of Research.

Research Support Department

The Research Support Department (RSD) provides administrative support for research activities in KFUPM including Arabic translation, conference attendance, Postdocs office, Excellence awards and editorial services. The office operations are run by standing university-wide Committees. The office reports directly to the Dean and has five standing committees: Research Committee, Conference Committee, Applied Research Committee, Arabic Books Committee and Postdocs Committee. Each College has a representative nominated by the College Council and some are appointed based on voting.

Industry and Research Partnerships Office

The Industry and Research Partnerships Office facilitates strong and sustainable collaborative research in areas of strategic interest to KFUPM and organizations both inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the office also monitors the effectiveness of these collaborations and serves as a repository for all KFUPM collaborations Information.