Financial and Purchasing FAQs

Financial and Purchasing

Prior-Approval is mandatory for procurements exceeding 999 Saudi Riyals.

No approval is required for procurements less than 1000.

No, Invoices under personal name are not accepted. 

Yes, it is a must to have Invoices under KFUPM’s name.

Invoices can be obtained under KFUPM’s name by providing the KFUPM VAT# 300000865600003.

Please add KFUPM with your name and also include KFUPM in billing and shipment address.

No, only electronic invoices issued as per GAZT are accepted, with the information of Supplier Name, Supplier VAT Number, QR Code, Purchase Date, Invoice No., Description, VAT Amount etc.

A document which is evidence of payment, such as Credit Card Statement (or) Bank Transfer (or) Receipt Voucher (or) Paid Stamp (or) Cash Invoice are considered as payment proof.

NOC from ICTC is mandatory for any IT related procurement (Printer, Scanner, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Software, Workstation…)

Yes, Invoices are valid for 180 days from the purchase date and within in this duration the payment cycle should be completed.

Beyond 180 days Invoices are considered as expired and intervention of Vice President for Research & Innovation (VPRI) is required.

Expired Invoices are subjected to VPRI recommendation. 

Invoice payment cycle must be initiated within 7-Days of purchase.

Store House Stamp is mandatory on the invoices exceeding SR 999 or any tagable item.

  • For less than 1k reimbursements: Invoice, Proof of Payment and Reimbursement Form
  • For more than 1k reimbursements: Approval Memo, Invoice, Proof of Payment, Reimbursement Form, Direct Purchase Form and Inspection Certificate Form.

Yes, only if the vendor is registered with KFUPM.

KFUPM provides an ID # to the vendor upon its registration.

Quotation, Approval Memo, Purchase Order, Invoice, Supplier Payment Form, Direct Purchase Form and Inspection Certificate Form.

A document which indicates the details of items purchased, their quantities and their prices.

A company which is supplier of goods or services