About us

This program through the generous support of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE), aims to hire highly qualified Post-Doc fellows to work on the area of renewable and nuclear energy. The program aims to come up with new research works, results, and technologies which serve the vision of K.A.CARE in the field of renewable energy, and hence, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The overall duration of this scholarship is 1 year. KFUPM and through our programs we expect excellent number of scholarly outcomes to result from this grant. The Post-Doctoral Fellow IS expected to publish several ISI journal papers, several conference papers, in addition to patents.


Focus Areas

Enable substantial Economic Bene...

through Renewable Energy Research

Energy Production, Supply & Usage

from Renewable Energy Resources

New Technologies & Materials Dev...

Industrial Solutions

for Growing Energy Demands & Human Resource Development