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Update your Pure and Scopus Profiles

As part of the University's efforts to integrate the research profiles of KFUPM faculty and researchers with the annual evaluation system, the Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination invites all KFUPM faculty, researchers and Postdocs to maintain their research data in Pure and Scopus. Check the guidance documents to assist you in maintaining Pure and Scopus profiles.

  • Find your Pure profile
  • Check that the Pure profile is connected to your correct Scopus ID.
  • Check that all data on your Pure profile is correct
  • Update Pure profile if needed

Guidance Document


  • Find your Scopus ID
  • Check that all your publications are correct and complete.
  • Update your affiliation if needed
  • Merge multiple Scopus IDs/profiles that are under your name

Guidance Document


For more information, please send email to: