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Well-posedness and stability for a fractional thermo-viscoelastic Timoshenko problem

Authors: Tatar N.-E.

  • Authority: Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Category: Conference Proceeding

Analysis of a discrete production workstation

Authors: Alsawafy O.G., Selim S.Z.

  • Authority: Computers and Operations Research, 137, 105532
  • Category: Conference Proceeding

Thermo-mechanical properties prediction of Ni-reinforced Al2O3 composites using micro-mechanics based representative volume elements

Authors: M. M. Shahzamanian, S. S. Akhtar, A. F. M. Arif, W. J. Basirun, K. S. Al-Athel, M. Schneider, N. Shakelly, Abbas Saeed Hakeem, Abba A. Abubakar and P. D. Wu

  • Category: Journal Publication