Director's Message

Director's Message

The Interdisciplinary Research Center on Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics (IRC-IMR) is driving innovation in various aspects of Manufacturing and Robotics. The on-going research for the sake of zero-defect product encompasses monitoring of most manufacturing processes and the materials at the heart of the process. Manufacturing systems require a thorough understanding of the recent configuration and flexibility for optimized operations. There is a clear need for adaptability, intelligence, process monitoring with real time error compensation based on intelligent decision making.

Robotics take a great role in manufacturing through recent trends in manufacturing robotics dedicated and autonomous process configuration. The robots are extended to servicing not only manufacturing industry at large, but also oil and Gas industry. This includes inspection, cleaning, repair, and status reporting.

We are excited to work with all partners from academia and industry to create a multi-disciplinary hub that offers the best need-based solutions. We intend to further raise, among the global community, awareness about the extended capabilities of automation and robotics. Our efforts are anchored both in conducting fundamental research – to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by introducing breakthrough technologies and as well as fulfilling the industrial needs – by providing the most practical solutions to their problems. 

Prof. Samir Mekid

Founding Director of IRC-Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics