Development of a Functional Material with embedded CNT Based Fibers for ...

PI: Salem Saeed, CoI: Samir Mekid

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Manufacturing of functionally-graded SiAlON-Based cutting inserts and pe...

PI: Syed Akhtar, CoI: Khaled Al-Athel, Numan Khalil, Ahmed Sarhan

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Towards building Digital Manufacturing I4.0 setup: Current Practices and...

PI: Samir Mekid, CoI: Numan Khalil

Common IoT Platform for Multi Manufacturing Process Parameters Monitoring

PI: Samir Mekid

Drone with Robotic Arm Equipped UAV

Designing of Real-Time Monitoring System of Arc Welding Processes using ...

PI: Numan Khalil, CoI: Ahmed Sarhan

Simulation-based Optimization of Mold Design for High Quality Castings

PI: Syed Akhtar, CoI: Bandar Almangour, Numan Khalil

Analysis of alternative models with effect of IMS and DT on internationa...

PI: Omar Alsawafy, CoI: Samir Mekid

3D concrete printing robotic: Effect of CO2 and steam