Up-to-date CNC Machine-tools 3 and 5 axes


Index B400 – Universal Lathe Machine

INDEX B400 provides a universal turning experience with its innovative work area concept & ergonomic structure, stiff single-block design to ensure superior machining of complex workpieces and capable to machine difficult to cut materials. Full fledge and all-time access to operational and production data through INDEX iXpanel 18.5-inch touch screen.

  • 82 mm spindle clearance
  • 315 mm chuck diameter
  • 750 mm turning length

DMG MORI CLX 350 – Universal Turning

CLX 350 with integrated sub spindle and Y-axis travel of ± 40 mm allows machining of complex parts with possibility of rear and lateral surface machining. Offers large working space yet compact ergonomic design ensuring small foot print. Permits IoT connections for digital production assisted with preinstalled DMG MORI NET and MESSENGER services, with integrated firewall protection. The machine comes with 19" DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control panel for robust and easy operation.

  • Max. workpiece diameter: 320 mm
  • Max. workpiece length: 530 mm
  • Max. bar capacity diameter: 65 mm
  • Max. X-axis stroke: 185 mm
  • Max. Y-axis stroke: 80 mm
  • Max. Z-axis stroke: 540 mm

CLX 350, compatible with most bar feeders, enables more efficient machining when integrated with a bar feeder.

IEMCA KID 80 – Bar Feeder

IEMCA KID 80, an easy to use short bar feeder which smoothly integrates with fixed headstock lathes

  • Permitted diameter of bars: 5 to 80 mm
  • Permitted length of bars: 250 to 1615 mm