Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges
  • Accelerate the transformation of the Saudi Economy from an oil- based economy to a knowledge economy, which has multiple and more diversified sources of output.
  • Developing financial markets, institutions and regulations to support public and private funding needs with emphasizing Islamic finance and banking.
  • Develop financial products toward real economic development and enhance society welfare.
  • Improve Saudi company corporate strategy, governance practices, disclosures and regulation
  • Develop and maintain a digital ecosystem that promotes innovation, creativity, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and economic development.
  • How do digital technologies (e.g., blockchain, FinTech, big data, ecommerce, cloud computing, cybersecurity, social media, etc.) influence economies and societies thru adding value.
  • How analytics can help different industries and create an impact, i.e., in healthcare area, early diagnosis, disease classification, mortality risk calculation can save people and optimize medical resources.