Director's Message

Director’s Message

The interdisciplinary research center for Finance and Digital Economy (IRC-FDE) was established in 2021 as a new research engine at KFUPM Business School. The IRC-FDE would be a game changer and represent the first true integrated and well-supported research platform that will enhance KFUPM’s research portfolio in this area by accelerating research productivity. This research center focuses on tackling grand research challenges, tackling local and global priorities, and engaging effectively with industry to provide viable solutions for thriving economy.

The IRC-FDE comprises of five themes that span important topics in finance and digital economy. Finance, as a first part, covers two themes, namely, “quantitative economics and policy” and “corporate finance, governance, and risk”. Digital economy, as a second part, covers three themes; “digitally-enabled entrepreneurship, marketing, and innovation”, “analytics and digital technologies”, and “digital ecosystem”. Investigating grand challenges under those themes can advance the nation economy by enabling public and private sectors to find the missing pieces required for better economic development.



Dr. Mousa Albashrawi

Director, IRC for Finance and Digital Economy