Research Theme Details


Aim of terrestrial section is to study the ecology, biodiversity and landform in Saudi Arabia. Since the past few years Terrestrial section of CEW is deeply involved in studying various ecological aspects of flora and fauna in different locations of Saudi Arabia.

The flora and fauna of Saudi Arabia are diverse, distinctive and intimately shaped by the combination of extremely low-nutrient soils besides hot and drought conditions. Terrestrial ecology is the study of how land-based organisms interact with each other and their environment. The focus is also on investigating biodiversity loss, biodiversity conservation and consequences of invasion by non-native species on the structure and function of the ecological communities. Our research focus also spans watershed and land use, population and community ecology; urban, rural and wildlife ecology and habitat restoration.

Terrestrial team is also actively engaged in carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment studies in various regions of Saudi Arabia. Through such studies baseline data on flora and fauna of different habitats has been collected besides the threats they face. The important part of such studies is the prediction of impacts due to developmental activities and suggestion of mitigation measures. Environmental compliance monitoring is also a part of such studies. Habitat restoration is also being covered and this part of work includes identification of disturbed habitats and restoration of such habitats with the native flora and fauna.