Our IP Services

Our IP Services

External IP Services

KFUPM’s Innovation and Technology Transfer (ITT) office has gained years of experience in managing intellectual property (IP) and commercialization. ITT with its highly experienced trained executives is well placed to deliver fee based services to organizations (companies, universities, research organizations) in three areas shown below.

Please contact us at iao-dtv@kfupm.edu.sa to discuss your requirements.

1. Capacity Building

If your organization has either a new IP and technology commercialization department or planning to establish one, we can discuss your requirements and deliver a tailor-made capacity building project covering following areas:

  • Preparing a result-oriented IP process to capture inventions from research
  • Preparing required documents
  • Drafting IP policy for your organization
  • Preparing IP strategy aligned with business needs for managing all steps of patent prosecution and commercialization
  • Drafting agreement templates: Non-Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreement, Technology Transfer Agreements (Option and License), Research and Development Agreement
  • Proposing manpower requirements
  • Designing efficient workflow for managing IPs and commercialization
  • Preparing scope of work for contracting IP law firms including consultation
  • Operating procedure for working with contracted IP law firms
  • Establishing various IP awareness programs for inventors and management

2. Training

The trainings not only cover basics, but it uses case studies and assignments providing advanced knowledge that is practically useful for the trainees in day to day activities:

  • Introduction to IP
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Trade Secret
  • Patenting 101
  • Economical IP portfolio management
  • IP Policy
  • IP Management and Strategies to ensure sustainable IP flow
  • Culture dissemination
  • Build and improve KPIs
  • Technology Transfer basics
  • Technology Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Professional Development

3. Consultation
  • If you are starting a new IP and commercialization department at your organization and looking for someone to handle all IP issues, we can offer consultation in following areas:
  • Managing your organization’s new inventions, perform all required checks and manage patent filing, prosecution and maintenance
  • Assessment of your existing IP policy and recommending useful changes in line with best practices and your organization’s plans
  • Review various IP agreements your organization is currently negotiating
  • Performing technology landscape for recommending future research directions and right partners for your organization
  • Technology market assessment of your organization inventions to determine market attractiveness, needs for developing/proving/scaling the technology for possible commercialization, helping you determine route to market