Returnig to Work After COVID -19 LOCKDOWN

01 Jul 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lifted the curfew across the country starting Sunday morning June 21, 2020. The employees of the Center started resuming their work in the office in a phased manner as envisaged by the President of KFUPM and in strict compliance of the precautionary measures stipulated by the Ministry of Health. 

The Center has stressed to its employees about the social distancing measures that must be strictly followed. Gatherings of more than 5 people are strictly prohibited. Individuals were instructed to wear the mask always while in office and laboratories. Meetings were arranged online through zoom application. Only one employee was allowed to be in one office during the office hours. In the case of two persons working in a room, they were instructed to wear the mask and gloves always. Field trips were planned and carried out in adherence of the precautionary measures stipulated. Not more than three employees were allowed to share a car. They were also instructed to wear a face mask at all times even when they were out in the sea for sampling

In order to reduce crowding at the work place, some employees were asked to work from home by way of preparing and reviewing reports and preparation of project proposals. As of today, all the employees are safe from COVID-19 infection, which shows that the Center through careful planning is able to keep up the schedule of work intact and to ensure the personal safety of its members.