CEW-RI Weekly Seminar

Presenter: Dr. Rommel H. Maneja

Organized by:
31 Mar 2021 @ 10:00 AM
Online Zoom Room

  In the Northwestern Arabian Gulf, the offshore islands of Jana and Karan are the major nesting sites of sea turtles. Continued litter pollution at these islands may clog its beaches and hamper nesting activities and hatchling emergence success. In this seminar, discussion will be carried out on the distribution of marine litter on Jana and Karan islands using a combination of in-situ beach litter survey and remote sensing satellite technologies. Results showed that the western portions of the islands receive the most significant amount of marine litter. The dominant debris types were plastic bottles (by count) and processed wood (by weight). Jana island had relatively higher number of plastic bottles than Karan island. The vegetation line accumulated more significant amount of marine debris compared to the beach zone and within vegetation zone. Debris was also observed deep in the islands. Analysis of multi-year remote sensing data is currently being done and is aimed to show the long-term process of debris accumulation on the two islands.