Our Services

TAPC provides full-scale services from conceptual design to product manufacturing. This range of services enables TAPC to become one-stop facility for your product development needs. Whether you require integrated design solutions or standalone services, TAPC can serve as the most reliable partner in the region.

We offer following comprehensive range of services:
Knowledge and Training

We offer different level courses, workshops, trainings, and certifications on skills related to disruptive technologies (3DDesigning, 3D Printing, Design optimization, Reverse engineering, IoT, PCB Fabrication etc.)


We offer technical support and consultation services to our valued clients.

Design/Redesign/Design Optimization

We transform concepts to engineering design in addition to optimizing existing designs, covering wide range of products.


We offer prototyping and manufacturing services to develop fully functional prototypes including additive manufacturing, and electrical/electronic manufacturing.

Testing and Qualification

We offer testing and qualification service using state-of-the-art equipment

Core Competencies

• 3D CAD Design • Design Optimization • Rendering • Circuit Design • PCB Design • System &Application Design

3D Printing

• Technologies: FDM, CFF and SLA • Print Area: up to 0.9m x 0.6m x 0.9m • Materials: PLA, ABS, ASA, ULTEM, Carbon Fiber, Onyx, Kevlar, Clay, Proprietary Polymers

PCB Fabrication

• High Resolution Rapid PCB Fabrication • Surface Mount Technology • Multilayer Fabrication

Rapid Prototyping

• Data Acquisition • Automation & Control System • Wireless Communication • Embedded System • Robotics • Image Processing • RF Applications

Reverse Engineering

• 3D Scanning • Parametric CAD Modeling • Metrology & Inspection

Finishing & Post-processing

• Sanding • Curing • Smoothing • Polishing • Hydrographic printing