About us

Technology Advancement and Prototyping Center (TAPC) fills an unmet need, as it represents the only enterprise within MENA region for new product development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing of mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical systems. Key role of TAPC is to bridge Severe Engineering, Manufacturing & Product Development Gap in the Engineering Value Chain of Saudi Innovation Ecosystem through enhancing technical readiness of individual technologies to the points of demonstration, commercialization and implementation. TAPC is aligned with the vision of Saudi Arabia to increase small and medium enterprise to develop knowledge-based economy. 

Key Benefits

Achieve higher quality product development through blend of powerful design capabilities (CAD and electronics) and design optimization

  • Develop products with a range of high-end technologies:
    • 3D printing (FDM, FFF, SLA) up to the size of 0.9 m using ten different types of materials (plastics and polymers)
      Multi-layer PCB fabrication
    • Rapid prototyping and instrumentation using latest electronics development platforms.
    • Minimize changes and rework with collaborations and product visualization
  • Reduce development costs by integrated solution facility covering 3D printing, PCB printing, electronics and instrumentation.
  • Secure product data through managed partner and NDA

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Quality of service
  • Innovation
  • Confidentiality


TAPC provides full-scale services from conceptual design to product manufacturing. This range of services enables TAPC to become one-stop facility for your product development needs. Whether you require integrated design solutions or standalone services, TAPC can serve as the most reliable partner in the region.

Knowledge and Training

We offer different level courses, workshops, trainings, and certifications on...


We offer technical support and consultation services to our valued clients.

Design/Redesign/Design Optimization

We transform concepts to engineering design in addition to optimizing existin...


We offer prototyping and manufacturing services to develop fully functional p...

Testing and Qualification

We offer testing and qualification service using state-of-the-art equipment


TAPC Units

TAPC is a multi-disciplinary center, and it has three main units and range of services under each unit are as followings

PCB Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping

This unit is equipped with hi-tech PCB Fabrication facilities, and Rapid prototyping capabilities.

Advanced Modeling/Simulation, & Product Design ...

This unit is dedicated to CAD, CAM, CAE, Reverse Engineering of spare parts and inspections in synchronization with other two units.

Additive Manufacturing, and 3D Printing Unit

Additive manufacturing creates significant competitive advantages for any client either the client is an individual or an organization.


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