Research Areas

Research Areas
Fouling & Scaling of Membranes

The major control and remediation strategies include (i) preparation of antifouling membranes, (ii) effective cleaning in place (CIP) techniques, (iii) Pretreatment to limit the concentration of potential foulants.

Brine Management & Mining

Tackle the issue of managing brine from RO plants by investigating and implementing zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technologies.

Sulfate Free Seawater for Oil and Gas Industry

Researchers from the center are actively involved in the fabrication of high-performance NF membranes for the efficient removal of sulfate and other divalent ions.

Treatment of Produced Water/Industrial Wastewater

Membrane separation technology is a promising and efficient oil/water separation method.

Organic Solvent Nanofiltration / Precious Industrial Comp...

OSN is now used in small quantities in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and refinery industries (dewaxing of lube oil).

CO2 Separation

Membrane separation is a new technology that is compact, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, scalable, and possibly more economical than existing technologies.