• Develop technologies for clean fuels, petrochemicals, and polymers
  • Maximize value of petroleum by converting to high-demand products: light olefins and aromatics
  • Provide technical support to oil refineries and petrochemical plants (catalyst screening, and selection)

To be a leading research center in petroleum refining & petrochemicals through innovative basic and applied research within the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of 1-3. 

Facts and Figures
  • CRAC has over four decades of R&D-business experience.
  • Completed more than 100 projects for major clients, mainly Saudi Aramco. Other clients include Sabic, Honeywell UOP and Sinopec RIPP.
  • Annually, CRAC researchers issue more than 30 publications in refereed journals and 10 patents
  • Participates in graduate studies, supervision and training
  • The Research Institute, an integral part of KFUPM, was established in 1979 to foster fundamental and applied research
  • Among the original technical divisions of the Research Institute was Petroleum and Gas Technology Division which covered the petroleum upstream and downstream research activities
  •  As a part of reorganization in 1997, the downstream research activities were brought under a new center named as Center for Refining and Petrochemicals (CRP)
  • The Center was renamed as the Center for Refining and Advanced Chemicals (CRAC) as a part of reorganization in July 2021