About us


It’s a place where students can learn, study, and work together

The foundation of Industry Collaboration philosophy significantly leverages the educational and industry-related research capacity of KFUPM and to contribute to developing industry-ready talents across a wide spectrum. Its distinguishing approach is its collaborative curriculum driven through integrative research and high level of industry engagement. 

Our research is undertaken with industry leading partners to seek solutions creating high impact to the real-world problems fueled by a research park, Dhahran Techno Valley (DTV) where leading companies have built R&D facilities in support of their operations not only in the Kingdom, but also to the Middle East region. The proximity to the prestigious companies, like Saudi Aramco, Yokogawa, Halliburton, Honeywell, Baker Hughes, and GE, offers a unique and distinctive collaborative research opportunity.  

Working with organizations to turn ideas and innovation into reality

With the expertise to take research and development (R&D) projects from concept through to delivery, we conduct and exploit emerging research, applying it to address the real-life needs of industry. KFUPM combines w​orld-class facilities with the very best practitioners, helping to set the agenda for future technologies in the business sectors in which we specialize. By doing just this, we transform people, organizations, and the global economy.