About us

The Industry and Research Partnership Office at KFUPM plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and synergy between the academic and research communities with the industries, aiming to drive innovation, advance research, and contribute to the economic and social development of Saudi Arabia in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030. As a key facilitator and enabler, the office acts as a bridge that connects the expertise and resources of KFUPM with the diverse challenges and opportunities present in the industries.

The office serves as a central point of contact for industry stakeholders seeking to engage with the university in collaborative initiatives. It proactively identifies potential areas of mutual interest, facilitates partnerships between researchers, faculty, and industry professionals, and fosters an environment of open communication and knowledge exchange.

Recognizing the importance of a skilled and adaptable workforce, the Industry and Research Partnership Office collaborates with industries to understand their evolving needs and demands. It ensures that KFUPM educational programs are aligned with industry requirements, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to thrive in the job market and contribute effectively to the growth of industries and the Kingdom.

Through strategic international collaborations and partnerships, the Industry and Research Partnership Office endeavors to enhance the global competitiveness of KFUPM and its industry partners. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and expertise with international institutions and industries, the office contributes to raising the profile of Saudi Arabia on the global stage, reinforcing the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.