Project Details

Optimization of performance and emissions of steam boilers based on artificial intelligence with co-burning of hydrogen

Dates: 2022
Principal Investigator: Dr. Medhat A. Nemitallah
Description: The presently proposed work considers the development and validation of an AI/ML model based on the available data and the implementation of the engineering domain knowledge for simultaneous optimal control of the performance and NOx emissions as well as regulations of the operational parameters, such as drum level and drum pressure, of a package industrial boiler fueled by natural gas. That would enable energy optimization of utilities and processes at reduced emissions based on real-time analysis for predictive maintenance, better management of the life-cycle of assets, and protection of the environment. In addition, the work considers the development and training of an AI/ML model for optimal control of a boiler fueled by H2-enriched natural gas. That would enable using carbon-neutral fuels for better energy efficiency and cleaner energy production in the industrial sector. As well, AI-based control and optimization of boilers would enable virtual power plant and micro-grid with trans-active energy, demand response, emission control, and smart management of the distributed energy production.