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Summer Training Internship

17 Aug 2023 @ 10:00 AM

The interdisciplinary Research Center for Intelligent Secure Systems is pleased to announce that several trainees have completed their training with the center during the summer session. The trainees were involved in different kinds of project under the supervision of the trainers: Dr. Muhamad Felemban, Dr. Mustafa Ghaleb, and Dr. Musab Hamdan. 

The trainees are as follows:

1. Mohammed Abushwarib (SURE223 Program) 

2. Muath Alghamdi (SURE223 Program)

3. Esam Jaffar (Information & Computer Science Department) 

4. Mohammed Alsaleh (Computer Engineering Department)

5. Abdulwahab Alsuwayie (Cybersecurity from University of Hafer Albatin)