Director's Message

Director’s Message

The Interdisciplinary  Research Center for  Smart Mobility & Logistics is well positioned to assume a leadership role, providing assistance to the Kingdom's transportation and logistics sector and addressing the challenges that are currently being faced by both industry and government  sectors. The center was recently established in 2021, but it has already achieved many milestones since it commenced. The associated faculties and researchers in the center are participating in several inter-disciplinary research initiatives in order to address the challenges. They are working collaboratively on these projects. The center also has research collaborations with reputed companies, research groups, and organizations both locally in the Kingdom and abroad. The capabilities of the center for conducting research in areas such as smart transportation, smart living and e-health as autonomous robotic systems, supply chain management, electric and fuel cells vehicles, smart controllers, drone technologies, V2X, and fog computing are extensive. The center is monitoring its progress in order to ensure that it continues to grow successfully.

Dr. Sami El Ferik

Director, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Smart Mobility & Logistics