Event Details

Seminar: Technology Commercialization Process and Enablers at KFUPM

Presenter: Prof. Basil Abu Sharkh

Organized by: IRC for Membranes and Water Security
01 Feb 2023 @ 10:00 AM
KFUPM, Bldg. 15, RI Auditorium, 4004

Innovation is one of the primary pillars of the new KSA RDI strategy and KFUPM is fully aligned with this direction. There is higher probability of commercialization success if the research is designed from the start to lead to a commercially competitive product, a product that is not only novel, but also solves a problem at a competitive cost. I will present the story of a commercialized water innovation that was driven by an industrial need and the process of its development. I will also discuss opportunities and needs in the water and membrane technology industry and present the support availed by the KFUPM ITT for technology commercialization and support.

About the presenter: Prof. Basil Abu Sharkh- CTO Hyrec and Osmosys Companies

PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison 1996. Invented and commercialized a process to adapt the soda ash chemical process to conditions of Saudi Arabia resulting in construction of a $700 million project. Developed and commercialized a pioneering technology for low cost/low energy and low emissions membrane-based concentration of desalination brines and brine mining. Invented a technology for deep sea desalination powered by renewable energy and under water gravity storage. Advisor to SWCC, RDI and several ministries. More than12 patents, several of which are commercialized. Author of numerous international journal publications including Nature.