Electromagnetic-based Wearable Biosensor for Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

PI: Hussein Mahmoud Attia, CoI: Yaqub Mahnashi, Sharif Sheikh, Khurram Qureshi, INCS2106

Detection of Elemental Sulfur Deposition in Gas Pipelines using Microwave and Optical Techniques

PI: Khurram Karim Qureshi, CoI: Sharif Sheikh, Hussein Attia, INCS2105

Design and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Applications for Communication Systems

PI: Samir Nasser Alghadhban, CoI:Salam Zummo, Mohammad Alhassoun, Haitham Saleh, INCS2104

Ultra-high capacity millimeter wave and optical convergence system for next-generation flexible access networks

PI: Mohammed Zahed Mustafa Khan, CoI: Mudassir Masood, INCS2103

Semi-blind Methods for Channel Estimation and Data Recovery in Multi-carrier Communications

PI: Azzedine Zerguine, CoI: Ali Muqaibel, INCS2102

Design and Implementation of Tensor based Adaptive Algorithms for Applications to Big Data in IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks

PI: Azzedine Zerguine CoI: Mudassir Masood, INCS2101

IRC-CSS Baseline 2022

PI: Ali Hussein Muqaibel

Tapping Mode MEMS Gas Sensor

PI: Dr. Mahmoud Khater, SF201-ME-716, April 01,2021-October 01, 2022

Extended L-band WDM Optical Communication System for Next-generation Access Networks

PI: Dr. Mohammed Zahed Khan, SB201008, April 01,2021-October 01, 2022