Director's Message

Director's Message

I am truly humbled and honored to serve as the Director of the Center of Excellence in Development of Nonprofit Organizations (CNPO). The Center is unique among all University Research Institute centers which focuses on activities to expand the impact of Saudi nonprofit sector, increases its visibility and bolstering its contribution to mainly improve the lives of the people and support economic development in general.  As I step into this role, I am deeply aware of the opportunities and challenges facing the nonprofits especially in times of crisis. As we all know that Covid19 pandemic rocked the globe, changes our lifestyle and caused a devastating cathasthropical impact and huge economic turmoil, thus, we still believe that our Center will serve as champions of the great work being done with the untiring efforts made by our team, partners-sponsors, stakeholders and beloved university. We work hard to be the leader in developing new practical approaches that integrate nonprofit know-how, develop institutionalized programs to meet our strategic goals, address social issues and somehow, fill-in the broken gaps of the society and the latter - to create a positive impact.

Consequently, the center has already organized nine Annual Nonprofit Sector Development Forums since its founding in 2015. We are also enhancing our portfolio of programs and build various relationships to different stakeholder to sustain our work. We have also continuous collaborations with different international universities and nonprofit organizations in the kingdom, involved in different research projects, conducting training programs and various initiatives with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

I always dreamed for a remarkable development in the sector. It energized me whenever I see selfless people committing themselves for the improvement of their own lives, organizations and the sector-at-large. Yes! I am ambitious and continuously thinking out of the box strategic approaches, envisioning that through our various initiatives and collaborative efforts, we will make a difference in every individual lives and ensuring access for all.

As the CNPO continues to soar high for the common good, we will not suffice and will continue work hard in reshaping the broken systems.  To achieve all of these, involvement and selfless act of every individual will matter, we value and greatly appreciate wherever communities they serve.

We, at the Center always see the bad situation with a silver lining. We work with compassion and will continue to work together and use our resources to where we could give and provide something, to realize our hopes and build the world we want to live in.

Dr. Hattan Z. Tawfiq

Director, Center of Excellence in Development of Nonprofit Organizations