Office of Vice-President for Research & Innovation


To be a globally recognized innovation-based research-intensive institution that solves grand challenges for the betterment of society and diversification of economy.


To conduct interdisciplinary research in national and global priority areas in a conducive environment that attracts the best talents and provides world-class infrastructure.

Message from VPRI

Recently, KFUPM has revamped its research structure and programs completely with a strategic transformation. Our new research activities are designed to enhance society's well-being and solve grand challenges. Interdisciplinary research is our focus of the new research structure since critical and challenging research problems can be answered best at the edges of multi-disciplines.

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Fostering collaboration across diverse disciplines, KFUPM integrates insights and methodologies to address complex challenges and generate innovative solutions.


Prioritizing teamwork and partnerships, both internal and external, we maximize collective expertise to achieve impactful outcomes through a culture of shared knowledge and collaborative problem-solving.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Valuing and promoting diversity in all forms, we actively strive for a research community that celebrates diverse perspectives, ensuring equal opportunities and inclusion for all individuals.

Openness and Transparency

Committed to clear communication, honesty, and accessibility, KFUPM upholds transparency in research processes, findings, and decision-making, fostering trust and credibility.


Building resilience as a core value, we promote a mindset that embraces learning from setbacks, adapting to change, and persisting in the pursuit of impactful and transformative research goals.

Research and Innovation Strategy

Research and innovation enriches and improves our lives and increases prosperity by creating knowledge that enables us to understand ourselves and the world around us. This also empowers us to focus on the many challenges we face as individuals and as communities, nationally and globally. We will work with partners to shape a dynamic, diverse and inclusive system of research and innovation in Saudi Arabia that is an integral part of society, giving everyone the opportunity to participate and to benefit.


Research Themes

As a community of scholars at KFUPM, we bring our expertise to bear on the key questions in our age in the disciplines of Engineering, Sciences, and Economics.  We have identified five strategic research themes and related thematic priority areas to achieve this effectively and economically. The thematic priorities are built on a legacy of research, but KFUPM researchers are still investigating novel concepts, inquiring, and creating and disseminating new knowledge in order to benefit Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Business, Finance & Economics

Digitization & Technology

Biotech, Bionics & Health-Tech

Energy, Utilities & Sustainability

Research Expertise

The scholars of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals are pioneers in their fields of specialization. From challenging sciences such as chemistry, biology, and physics to engineering and beyond, KFUPM is the career home of some of Saudi Arabia’s leading experts in a variety of fields. These scholars are dedicated to conducting cutting edge research that will help bring about a brighter future for Saudi Arabia and around the world.