Research Excellence Office

Research Excellence Office

The Research Excellence Office, operating under the purview of the Vice President of Research & Innovation (VPRI), plays a pivotal role in optimizing Research Excellence, Strategic Analysis, and Decision Support within the institution. Its primary mission is to serve as the nucleus for consolidating the strategic research plans of the Research & Innovation sector while meticulously overseeing their execution. This office is further aligned with the overarching objectives of the "Research Excellence AmPlification (REAP)"initiative, striving to attain these goals through its core functions.


Research Excellence & Strategic Planning

Development of 5-Year Research & Innovation Strategic Plans

The office is responsible for crafting comprehensive 5-year strategic plans that guide the research and innovation activities of the institution. These plans align with the overarching mission and objectives of the university. 


Tracking R&I Activities, Performance, and Impact

It monitors and assesses the progress of research and innovation activities, evaluating their performance and impact relative to the established strategic goals. This involves measuring metrics such as publications, citations, patents, and research outcomes.

Outlook & Insights

National & Global Research Priorities

This function involves staying attuned to national and global research priorities and identifying areas of significance and relevance to the university's research agenda.


Smart Analysis of Global Research Trends

The office conducts thorough scans of the global research landscape, employing analytical tools to deduce emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges.


Forecasting Promising Research Trends

Through data-driven analysis, the office forecasts promising research trends, allowing the institution to proactively position itself in areas of future importance.

Sharing Trends with R&I and Center Leaders.

Insights derived from trends are shared with Research & Innovation (R&I) leadership and center heads, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Decision Support

Conducting Descriptive and Diagnostic 

The office conducts descriptive and diagnostic analyses of research and innovation activities, providing a deep understanding of past and present performance. 


Supporting VPRI with Evidence-Based Perceptive Analytics 

To facilitate decision-making, the office employs evidence-based perceptive analytics, offering the VPRI valuable insights and recommendations.


Establishing Global Research Benchmarking

By benchmarking the institution's research efforts against global standards and best practices, the office aids in setting targets and goals that align with international research excellence.