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Development of a Novel Coating for GFRP bars for Enhancing the Bond Strength and Fire Resistance

Glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) is a non-metallic composite fabricated using a matrix of polymer material (polyester, vinyl ester, or epoxy) reinforced with high-strength glass fibers. Corrosion resistance of GFRP bars makes them an attractive option in regions characterized by a harsh environment. However, concrete structures reinforced with GFRP bars are commonly known to have a lower fire resistance than equivalent conventional steel-reinforced concrete structures, which is one of the major obstacles against using GFRP bars, particularly in industrial facilities. The main focus of this project is to develop a novel coating technology that could accomplish the dual purpose of increasing the fire resistance of GFRP bars as well as enhancing their bond strength with concrete. Coatings prepared with ammonium polyphosphate, acrylic/vinyl/polyvinyl acetate polyphenylene sulfide, or tannic acid-functionalized graphene and polysilicon will be evaluated. Also, hybrids of these materials will possibly be investigated. This interdisciplinary study will promote and expand the application of GFRP bars in concrete structural elements and components as part of key infrastructure and industrial facilities. The developed coating technology can overcome the high cost of repair and rehabilitation of steel-reinforced concrete structures. The outcomes of the proposed study will have socio, economic, and environmental benefits.