Vision & Mission


Our vision is for an outstanding research and innovation system in Saudi Arabia that gives everyone the opportunity to contribute and to benefit, enriching lives locally, nationally and internationally.

Research and innovation enriches and improves our lives and increases prosperity by creating knowledge that enables us to understand ourselves and the world around us. This also empowers us to focus on the many challenges we face as individuals and as communities, nationally and globally. We will work with partners to shape a dynamic, diverse and inclusive system of research and innovation in Saudi Arabia that is an integral part of society, giving everyone the opportunity to participate and to benefit.



To steer, enable and oversee an ambitious research portfolio, and to facilitate its translation to tangible knowledge-based contributions to the economy and society of the Kingdom and beyond.

To support and enhance a cohesive university-wide environment of research excellence where faculty are inspired and challenged to push the boundaries of knowledge creation. To stimulate research leaders in Saudi Arabia and around the world to partner with us in the advancement of knowledge discovery and the translation of discoveries into tangible benefits for society internationally. To be the voice of the research community at KFUPM and, in all ways, ensure the optimal and effective use of intellectual, financial and physical resources to foster an environment of research excellence throughout the university.