Training and Capacity Building

IRC-REPS offers a range of training sessions, courses and workshops on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency improvements to increase the knowledge and the skills of participants towards fulfilling Saudi Arabia's vision 2030 goals. IRC-REPS also trains participants to create more energy efficiency awareness and provide them with theoretical, methodological and practical aspects in order to carter for future energy demands in the Kingdom. In addition, IRC-REPS provides a comprehensive training of theoretical and practical courses on energy audits and assessments as well as on energy monitoring systems for students, engineers and all industry professionals.

  • Training students and professionals in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and help nucleate human capital development to cater to the energy market.
  • Increasing awareness of the local community on the benefits of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.
  • Establish new courses and programs related to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at university level.
  • Organize local/regional conferences to keep the community aware of the innovative solutions developed.
  • Behavioral change in energy efficiency programs

 Our achievements in training and capacity development

  1. Provided hands-on practical training to two hundred seventeen (217) students in energy efficiency and management.
  2. Six (6) COOP students were professionally trained to conduct energy audit for six (6) different mosque individually (each student was assigned one mosque).
  3. Students trained with the supervision of United States Department of Energy (US-DoE)
  4. Forty-nine (49) students participated in the energy auditing of industries and buildings with our team.
  5. We supervised eight (8) students for Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE-203) program.
  6. Supported our professional to gain certifications from Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
  7. Contributed in MX and CX programs related to intelligent energy systems
  8. Organized local workshop in coordination with SEEC and AEE
  9. Organized several seminars highlighting the importance on renewable energy and energy efficiency and its related technologies.
  10. Established energy club for KFUPM Students