Energy Solutions and Client Services

IRC-REPS has its primary focus towards identifying the challenges faced by its clients and is determined to work closely with its client to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We provide accurate and reliable services with our advanced equipment and expertise to provide Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency services to our clients. Our laboratories are equipped with high-tech equipment capable to carry research from the fundamental to the applied research. We offer the following services but not limited to:

  1. Develop sustainable technological solutions for power system stability, protection, power quality, energy storage and planning for RE grid integration.
  2. Assessment of developed technologies for grid impact considering integration of RER.
  3. Techno economic study for RE and EE technologies.
  4. Review and assessments on Renewable Energy policies and standard in KSA and its impact on RE market.
  5. Smart energy systems management for buildings, industries, and commercial facilities with application of IR 4.0.
  6. Integration of hybrid renewable energy systems for power, water desalination, agricultural, cooling, and heating applications.
  7. Renewable energy system performance assessment under harsh weather conditions (dust, UV, temperature, relative humidity, wind etc.)
  8. Optimization of renewable energy systems operation and maintenance through innovative approaches to adopt the local weather conditions (cleaning and operation).
  9. Renewable Energy Resource (RER) assessment and predictive tools for accurate forecasting of solar and Wind.