Research Cluster Details

Renewable Energy Materials

Increasing population and increasing energy demand already posing challenges to our energy infrastructure, industrial production facility and also to our environment. To move towards a more sustainable future we need knowledge based vision, political will and integrated effort. This already reflected in the VISION2030. To achieve to goal and to realize the vision, the material research section of the IRC-REPS is engaged with fundamental and applied research on advanced materials for different renewable energy technologies, such as:

  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Low-cost thin film solar cells
  • Influence of Saudi Arabian weather condition on renewable energy technologies and its solution
  • Perovskite Tandem solar cells
  • Wind energy
  • Heat energy utilization and management for different renewable energy technologies
  • Additionally, all these works are also supported by computational modeling.  

List of Members

S. No. Name Email Department Rank PDFs
1. Dr. Bekir Yilbas ME Professor
2. Dr. Amir Al-Ahmed IRC-REPS Research Scientist II
3. Dr. Khan Alam Physics Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Abdullah Alsharafi ME Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Shahzada Shuja ME Professor
6. Dr. Muhammad Baseer Haider Physics Associate Professor
7. Dr. Saad Mansoor ME Associate Professor
8. Dr. Hussain Alqahtani ME Associate Professor
9. Dr. Kamal Hossain IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
10. Dr. Hasan Zahir IRC-REPS Research Scientist II
11. Dr. Firoz Khan IRC-REPS Research Scientist II
12. Dr. Ghassan Abdelmajid KACARE Postdoctoral Fellow
13. Dr. Sami Ullah KACARE Postdoctoral Fellow
14. Mr. Masoud Al-Rasheidi IRC-REPS Laboratory Technician