Research Cluster Details

Power Systems

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been experiencing a surging growth in energy consumption for the last couple of decades, where oil and natural gas are the two major fuels used for electricity generation. Therefore, some observers see the country as a net energy importer within the next few years to meet the exponential energy demand growth if appropriate measures are not taken in advance. On realizing this concern, the Saudi Vision 2030 targets to produce 50% of its electricity generation from renewable energy resources (RER) by 2030. In addition to the RER integration, the country also planned to modernize the electricity grid by deploying smart metering devices. Furthermore, in the near future, the fleets of electric vehicles and other types of energy storage systems will be sharing energy with the grid as the country plans to build competitive electricity markets within the Kingdom and with other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries through GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA). However, such plans of grid modernization, RER integration into the national grid, and the development of competitive electricity markets will add new challenges, including power system stability, reliability, quality, protection, cybersecurity, and others. Considering the mentioned notes, the Power Systems Research Group under the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Renewable Energy and Power Systems (IRC-REPS) set the following objectives to contribute to the Saudi Vision 2030 and national priorities:

  • To conduct cutting-edge research activities related to electrical power and energy systems and renewable energy grid integration by developing excellent laboratory facilities.
  • To collaborate with local and international business and research entities to develop and transfer technologies related to electrical power and energy systems.
  • To conduct a comprehensive cooperation with the industry in both research and consultation.
  • To play a central role and become a knowledge hub for renewable energy integration and energy storage systems.
  • To publish patents and license the developed technologies and strategies to establish business startups.
  • To develop standards and policies related to power system security, stability, and RER grid integration.
  • To assist the university in developing, revising, and updating the electrical power and energy systems academic programs and courses.
  • To attract graduate students and perform cutting edge research in collaboration with other departments.
  • To disseminate and share knowledge through conferences, exhibitions, seminars, short courses, and workshops.

The Power Systems Research Group is capable of providing a wide range of services to its industrial and external collaborators; a few of them are listed below:

  • Provide technological assessment and survey.
  • Provide grid impact assessment under bulk integration of RER.
  • Develop technologies related to power system stability, protection, and power quality, even considering bulk integration of RER.
  • Develop efficient predictive tools for accurate forecasting of PV and wind output powers.
  • Develop technologies related to smart grid data analytics.
  • Develop efficient technologies for RER grid integration and energy storage.
  • Design and analyze regular and RER integrated systems planning. 
  • Provide economic analysis of incorporating ancillary services in the electricity market.
  • Develop standards and policies for the grid integration of the RER.
  • Offer short courses, workshops, and seminars for the clients.

List of Members

S. No. Name Email Department Rank PDFs
1. Dr. Mohamed Abido EE Professor
2. Dr. Muhammad Khalid EE Associate Professor
3. Dr. Mohammad AlMuhaini EE Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Aboubaker Salem EE Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Fahad Al-Ismail CEMS/EE Director/Assistant Professor
6. Dr. Md Shafiullah IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
7. Dr. Amjad Ali IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
8. Dr. Mohamed Ali Hassan IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
9. Dr. Yibre Worku IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
10. Dr. Chokri Belhaj EE Assistant Professor
11. Dr. Mahmoud Kassas EE Associate Professor
12. Dr. Shafiul Alam KACARE Postdoctoral Fellow
13. Dr. Alaa El-Din Hussein EE Assistant Professor
14. Dr. Mohammad Ali KACARE Postdoctoral Fellow
15. Eng. Arif Abdulmajeed IRC-REPS Engineer
16. Eng. Shakir Mohammed IRC-REPS Technical Research Assistant
17. Eng. Meer Khan IRC-REPS Technical Research Assistant