Research Cluster Details

Intelligent Energy Systems

Intelligent solutions in energy systems become recently significant, particularly when renewable and clean energy started replacing fossil fuels. In IESG, members from diverse backgrounds such as energy efficiency, mechanical, electrical, architecture and systems engineering are working together to develop and demonstrate efficient and intelligent solutions that would enhance the efficiency of the energy systems. This will be addressed through:

  • Smart energy systems management for buildings, industries, and commercial facilities.
  • Application of IR 4.0 technologies for energy managements.
  • Energy auditing and efficiency improvement recommendations for buildings and plants.
  • Policies and standards for energy systems and IR 4.0 technologies.
  • Supporting Saudi Energy Efficiency Center.
  • Innovations in intelligent control-based management systems for smart buildings and facilities.
  • Modern control strategies (intelligent control, demand side management) technologies for energy efficient buildings.
  • Digital transformation technology (artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and big-data) integration in energy management
  • Net-zero and energy efficient facilities (buildings and mosques).
  • Spreading awareness on energy efficiency and management through training students and professionals in the field of energy efficiency and help nucleate human capital development to cater to the energy-efficiency market.
  • Conducting energy audits of small/medium sized industrial facilities and buildings.
  • Undertaking applied research projects in the field of energy efficiency to keep the Kingdom at the cutting-edge of the technologies related to energy efficiency. 
Some more specified objectives:
  1. Electrification of Mobility (EV)
  2. Renewable Energy Integration to the Grid
  3. Control and Data Management in relation to EE and RE
  4. Cleaning of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels using Drones
Services this group is capable of providing to the industrial /external clients?
  • Conduct ASHRAE Level-I energy audit and assessments for industrial facilities and residential buildings.
  • Provide industrial sector an energy efficiency bundle, including short courses and energy audit (ASHRAE Level-I or/and Level-II).
  • Collaborate with KFUPM energy club to conduct enough energy audits to build database with complete energy consumption profile (such as lighting, heating, cooling, etc.).
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) could be used to assess energy consumption of houses and/or buildings.
  • Introduce MX and CX programs related to intelligent energy systems and provide them to KFUPM students.




Future smart grid with the help of IoT



Applications of IoT in an integrated smart energy system.






Smart Grid


Intelligent Energy Management


Policy settings required for Digitalization in EE

List of Members

S. No. Name Email Department Rank PDFs
1. Dr. Adel Abdou ARE Associate Professor
2. Dr. Azzedine Yahiaoui CEEE Research Engineer III
3. Dr. Muhammad Asif ARE Professor
4. Dr. Abdulrahman Almerbati ME Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Mohamed Mohandes EE Professor
6. Dr. Mujahed Al-Dahifallah Industrial and Systems Eng. (A) Chairman
7. Dr. Ashraf Farahat PYP-Physics Associate Professor
8. Dr. Emad Ramadan Information and Computer Science Assistant Professor
9. Dr. Mian Mobeen Shaukat ME Assistant Professor
10. Dr. Binash Imteyaz CEEE Postdoctoral Fellow
11. Eng. Jamilu Garkuwa CEEE Lab Specialist