Research Cluster Details

Hybrid Renewable Energy based Solutions

The Hybrid Renewable Energy Research Group aims to identify national challenges related to energy generation and its applications. It further extends efforts to provide innovative solutions through extensive long-term and short-term research and development projects. These projects are intended to promote and increase market penetration of new and emerging renewable energy technologies. The group is comprised of a team of expert faculty members and researchers specialized in different areas. The research cluster is focusing on the following areas:

  • Integrated and hybrid renewable energy systems for power, cooling, and heating applications.
  • Hybrid renewable energy systems for hydrogen and ammonia production.
  • Hybrid renewable energy systems for desalination and water treatment.
  • Hybrid renewable energy systems for other applications (agriculture, and military etc.)
  • Renewable energy systems performance assessment under harsh weather conditions (dust, UV, temperature, relative humidity, etc.)
  • Optimization of renewable energy systems operation and maintenance through innovative approaches to adopt the local weather conditions (cleaning and operation).
  • Wind power resources assessment based on existing historical long-term meteorological records for both onshore and offshore locations
  • Wind power resources assessment through measurement campaign using wind masts of 40 to 120 m or higher and LiDARS
  • Linear Fresnel solar thermal system for performance evaluation of Indirect-Direct-Evaporative-Cooling (IDEC) Systems.
  • Long-term performance evaluation of concentrated solar power and photovoltaic technologies exposed to harsh local environment with aim of modifying/adopting the IEC standards
  • Wind turbine blade surface abrasion protective materials against sand storms.

 The group has the following aims:

  • To achieve a research breakthrough from among the above-mentioned topics which could lead to Kingdom’s development and contribute towards Saudi Vision 2030.
  • To promote strategic cooperation between KFUPM and energy industries  
  • To participate in students training and human capacity building in the area of renewable energy.
  • Serves clients in all major renewable energy sectors and integration including solar energy, energy storage & conversion, and energy efficiency & conservation.
  • Helps clients address critical challenges and execute initiatives designed to further their strategic objectives and deliver value for their shareholders.
  • Publishes latest research and conduct up-to-date critical analysis regularly that helps our clients understand the ever-evolving renewable energy marketplace.
  • Provide frameworks for both practical and visionary solutions.
  • Offers several high-quality seminars, workshops, and conferences addressing major renewable energy issues.
  • Advisory helps clients manage strategic, financial, operational, technological, and regulatory risk to maximize enterprise value, helping them move forward with confidence.
Research Members:
S/N Name Email Tel No.
1 Dr. Fahad A. Al-Sulaiman 7311
2 Dr. Shafiqur Rehman (Coordinator) 3802
3 Dr. Esmail Mokheimer 2959
4 Dr. Mohammad Alghoul 7531
5 Dr. Syed Zubair 3135
6 Dr. Mohamed Antar 2964
7 Dr. Rached Ben Mansour 2014
8 Dr. Jihad Al-Sadah 4893
9 Dr. Atia Khalifa 1295
10 Dr. Obaidallah Munteshari 2364
11 Dr. Kashif Irshad 1184
12 Dr. Ridha Ben Mansour 8445
13 Dr. Hafiz Ali 1379
14 Dr. Hassan Baageel 3641
15 Dr. Ali Alshehri 2521
16 Dr. Bilal Qureshi 2685
17 Dr. Nasiru Ibrahim 8472
18 Dr. Ahmed S. Abdelrazik 8410
19 Dr. Suhaib Ahmed 98410
20 Engr. Maanae Al-Harbi 3070

For any further contact please communicate with Dr. Shafiqur Rehman; Email: ; Tel: 00966138603802


List of Members

S. No. Name Email Department Rank PDFs
1. Dr. Syed Zubair ME Professor
2. Dr. Mohammad Alghoul IRC-REPS Senior Research Scientist
3. Dr. Shafiqur Rehman IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
4. Dr. Atia Khalifa ME Professor
5. Dr. Billal Qureshi ME Assistant Professor
6. Dr. Ali Alshehri ME Assistant Professor
7. Dr. Hassan Baaqeel CHE (A) Director/Assistant Professor
8. Dr. Hafiz Ali ME Visiting Associate Professor
9. Dr. Jihad Al-Sadah Physics Assistant Professor
10. Dr. Obaidallah Munteshari ME Assistant Professor
11. Dr. Esmail Mokheimer ME Professor
12. Dr. Kashif Irshad IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
13. Dr. Ridha Mansour IRC-REPS Research Engineer III
14. Dr. Suhaib Ahmed IRC-REPS Postdoctoral Fellow
15. Dr. Ahmed Samir Abdelrazik IRC-REPS Postdoctoral Fellow
16. Dr. Mohamed Antar (Guest Affiliate) ME Professor
17. Dr. Rached Mansour (Guest Affiliate) ME Associate Professor
18. Eng. Nasiru Ibrahim IRC-REPS Technical Research Assistant
19. Eng. Maanae Al-Harbi IRC-REPS Laboratory Analysis