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Seminar on "The Private Sector Role in Saudi Growing Demand for Energy Efficiency Solutions"

Presenter: Eng. Khalid Al Dawood

Organized by: IRC-REPS
01 Mar 2017 @ 01:00 PM

IRC-REPS organized a seminar on March 1, 2017 , featuring Eng. Khalid Al Dawood, Technical and Business Director experienced in Business Development  and Energy Management. Eng. Khalid is also a consultant member of the Saudi Council OF Engineers, and a certified Energy Manager belonging to the American Association of Energy Engineers  (AEE)

Prof. Dr. Saidur Rahman Abdul Hakim, chair professor at the Center for Research Excellence in Renewable Energy (IRC-REPS). Dr. Saidur Rahman presented a speech on “Nano-fluids for Solar Thermal Energy Applications”.

Saudi Arabia is among the uppermost energy consuming countries per capita worldwide, with energy consumption growth consistently surpassing economy growth. Recognizing the criticality and urgency of this situation, the government has commissioned large reforming programs led by SEEC (Saudi Energy Efficiency Center) with an objective to increase petroleum and electrical efficiency and reduce consumption rates, as one of the government main future strategic objectives.  This was further emphasized by Saudi 2030 vision thru various economic targets and reform plans. If the roadmap toward improving energy efficiency of the Developed Countries is a guide, the recent developments led by ‘SEEC’ and other Government’s agencies the Saudi Energy Efficiency market will soon be emerged, following similar to the Developed Countries’ trend.  This expected development will also be reinforced by the global drives for reducing carbon footprint and adopting more environmentally friendly solutions.