Event Details

Seminar on "Nano-fluids for Solar Thermal Energy Applications"

Presenter: Dr. Saidur Rahman Abdul Hakim

Organized by: IRC-REPS
08 Feb 2016 @ 01:00 PM

IRC-REPS organized a seminar on February 8, 2016 , featuring Prof. Dr. Saidur Rahman Abdul Hakim, chair professor at the Center for Research Excellence in Renewable Energy (IRC-REPS). Dr. Saidur Rahman presented a speech on “Nano-fluids for Solar Thermal Energy Applications”.

Nanofluid is a new class of fluid with the suspension of nanoparticles in a base fluid/heat transfer fluid is a very important area of emerging technology. This fluid found to be enormously potential to improve the performance of solar thermal collectors due to its superior thermal performance. For the last 20 years, sizeable amount of works has been carried out on the fundamental and applications for the performance improvement of solar thermal and other areas. In this presentation, various fundamental aspects of nanofluids such as thermos-physical, rheological, and stability properties will be briefly presented along with the preparation methods of nanofluids. Energy performance of a solar collector operated with nanofluids will also be presented along with the challenges faced in using this fluid.