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Seminar on "Development and commercialization of highly reliable dye-sensitized solar cell"

Presenter: Dr. Kyusoon Shin

Organized by: IRC-REPS
08 Dec 2014 @ 01:00 PM

Presently, DSSC (dye-sensitized solar cell) is the only solar cell that is semi-transparent and has different colours. The manufacturing technology of DSSC has shown a big progress, since Professor Michael Graetzel proposed nanoscopic photoelectrodes, Ru-based dyes, and organic electrolytes. In the initial stage, a number of universities and research institutes around the world, mainly in Japan and Europe, conducted research toward high-efficiency. However, it is necessary to have highly reliable and durable module technology in order to make DSSC appear in our world. In particular, application of DSSCs to Building Integrated Photo-Voltaics is being developed for aiming at commercialization. Thanks to the efforts of the numerous researchers across the world, the reliability of the dye-sensitized solar cell has improved, and demonstrations are being held in outdoor environments. In this talk, R&D status and commercialization of DSSC at Dongjin Semichem will be given, and the technical research direction of the DSSC will be presented.