About us



Interdisciplinary Research Center for Renewable Energy and Power Systems (IRC-REPS), has been launched as a pioneering coordinated structure to advance applied research focusing on renewable energy and fundamentally enabling power system technologies. IRC-REPS is a unique, fully integrated industrial and academic research entity that brings experts from different scientific and engineering disciplines under one umbrella to conduct impactful research to address energy-related challenges.


Development of innovative, sustainable, and energy-efficient solutions, policies, and programs with social, environmental, and economic impacts that contribute to the objectives of SAUDI VISION 2030.

Objectives and Challenges
  • Stable power supplies with bulk RE integration.
  • Smart management of energy systems and efficiency improvement with incorporation of IR 4.0 solutions
  • RE materials under harsh weather
  • Polymer based materials for RE solutions
  • Enabling RE technologies for energy transitions and hybrid systems.
Grand Challenge

We aim to utilize "cost optimal" ways for concentrating our research area efforts for achieving Net Zero Energy targets in buildings, powdered by renewable sources of energy.

Vision for our Grand Challenge

To deliver cutting edge research and conducting applied projects to aid technical advancement and to achieve climate and environmentally-cantered energy transition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to aid its Vision 2030.