Electrode & Electrolyte Engineering in Aqueous Zinc-ion Batteries

Presenter: Dr. Husam AlShareef

Organized by: IRC for Hydrogen and Energy Storage
08 Mar 2022 @ 01:00 PM

Despite its resounding success, lithium ion battery technology has some drawbacks that has motivated researchers around the world to look for future alternative battery technologies. These include safety issues, material abundance and cost, and geographical distribution of lithium. Aqueous zinc ion batteries are currently one of the most actively investigated battery technologies in the hope that it can one day replace lithium ion batteries. This is because aqueous zinc ion batteries are safe, environmentally friendly, use more abundant and cheaper materials, have somewhat suitable redox potential, which can minimize side reactions in aqueous electrolyte, and divalent charge which increases energy density. Despite these promises, aqueous zinc batteries suffer from several side reactions that degrade their stability and Coulombic efficiency. We have been developing strategies to mitigate these effects, including cathode material chemistry & structure, anode material surface treatments and passivation, and electrolyte and solvation structure engineering. In this talk, I will discuss some of the recent results from our group aiming to address these issues in zinc metal batteries.