Virtual Conference Attendance Guidelines

Virtual Conference Attendance

Last Update on: 29 November 2022

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  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. Definitions and Acronyms
  4. Objectives
  5. Annual Allocation
  6. Eligibility Criteria
  7. Grant Benefits and Payment
  8. Application Process
  9. Review and Evaluation
  10. Trip Report and Request for Payment
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. Implementation, Compliance, and Reporting
  13. Compliance and Performance Indicators
  14. Document Amendment Information



The purpose of these guidelines is to support the administration of the Virtual Conference Attendance Grant Program, where conference attendance is in virtual mode. 

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  1. These guidelines apply to all monies issued to support conference attendance through virtual mode.
  2. These guidelines apply to all KFUPM faculty and researchers.

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1. Definitions

Academic Year

Declared annually by the Office of the Registrar, starts with the first day of classes in the fall semester, and ends one day before the announced first week of classes of the next academic year. 

Class A* Conferences

Flagship conference and leading venue in a discipline area where the Organizing body is a learned society, organizing body is non-profit, organizing body is reputable, the conference should be recognized by its organizing body as their flagship / premier / most important / etc. conference
Class A Conferences Flagship (excellent) conference, and highly respected in a discipline area where the Organizing body is a learned society, organizing body is non-profit, organizing body is reputable
Class B ConferencesNon-flagship conference and ranked as good to very good conference and well regarded in a discipline area
ProjectA product of an approved research proposal that is scientifically reviewed by a competent body and has an allocated fund administered by DROC. It generally seeks to systematically investigate a problem through scientific methodologies conforming to academic best practices to achieve the defined research objectives.
University internal fund 

A KFUPM fund allocated for conference attendance.

2. Acronyms
CSOConference Support Office
DROCDeanship of Research Oversight and Coordination
IRCInterdisciplinary Research Center
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
KFUPMKing Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
KSAKingdom of Saudi Arabia

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  1. The Virtual Conference Attendance Grant Program (the program) supports the attendance of eligible KFUPM faculty and researchers at international conferences in virtual mode.
  2. The program encourages faculty and researchers to interact and exchange ideas virtually with internationally renowned scholars and researchers, promote KFUPM’s research, and support the generation of innovative ideas.

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5.1 Virtual conference attendance supported by KFUPM funding through the University Internal Fund
  1. There is no maximum limit on the number of virtual conference attendance grants allocated each academic year through the University Internal Fund to any individual applicant for:
    • virtual conference attendance;
    • making a paper presentation or invited/keynote speech;
    • participating as a panelist in a plenary session

    where the applicant is a KFUPM faculty member or researcher, on condition that total registration fees do not exceed $US 1,000.

  2. The University will request that virtual conference organizers waive registration fees for KFUPM invited/keynote speakers.
5.2 Virtual conference attendance supported by KFUPM research grant funding (i.e., KFUPM funded research project)

One virtual conference attendance grant may be allocated each academic year to any individual applicant making a paper presentation or invited/keynote speech, or participating as a panellist in a plenary session where:

  • funding is available from a KFUPM funded research project;
  • the conference will take place no more than six months after the project completion date specified in the project proposal (or agreed extended project timeframes);
  • the project number is specifically acknowledged in the paper that is being presented.

5.3 Virtual conference attendance supported by external funding (i.e., externally funded research project)

Subject to the terms and conditions specified by external funding agencies, there is no maximum limit of virtual conference attendance grants available to any individual applicant under externally funded projects (i.e., externally funded research projects) for virtual conference attendance.   

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6.1 Applicant Eligibility 
  1. All faculty members and researchers at KFUPM are eligible to apply for virtual conference attendance grants under the University Internal Fund.
  2. Subject to the terms and conditions specified by external funding agencies, all faculty members and researchers are eligible to apply for virtual conference attendance grants under externally funded projects.
6.2 Conference Eligibility 
  1. The program supports virtual attendance at flagship conferences:
    • ranked as A* or A approved by the DROC and the higher administration, and listed on the DROC website; and
    • indexed or having a presence in Scopus and Web of Science.
  2. The program also supports virtual attendance at non-flagship conferences:
    • proposed by applicants through their respective department heads;
    • evaluated, ranked and approved as B by DROC
6.3 Conference Paper Eligibility 
  1. Applicants seeking virtual conference attendance support to attend may submit an application based on acceptance of a:
    • full length paper; or
    • extended abstract; or
    • paper abstract.
  2. Applicants may submit an application for a virtual conference attendance grant to attend virtually as an invited or keynote speaker.
  3. Applicants seeking virtual conference attendance grants from a KFUPM funded research project may submit an application based on acceptance of a paper, extended abstract or abstract:
    • related to a funded research project;
    • that represents one of the outcomes of a funded research project.

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    The virtual conference attendance grant will fund the conference registration fee, with an upper limit of $US 1000 in any fiscal year irrespective of the number of conferences attended under this allocated amount.

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        1. Applications must include:

          • evidence of acceptance from the conference organisers (i.e., letter of acceptance, or letter of invitation);
          • a copy of the paper or abstract where the recipient has applied to present a paper;
          • a copy of the invited/keynote speech (in PPT or PDF format), where the recipient has been invited to present.
        2. All applications must be submitted through the ERP (E-Business) to the respective Department Head, for onforwarding to the CSO, such that the applications reach the CSO at least 14 days prior to the conference dates.
        3. The CSO shall verify aspects of the application, including:
          • the applicant’s employment status and affiliation;
          • the status of the conference (i.e., flagship or non-flagship conference);
          • possible funding sources (i.e., University Internal Fund, KFUPM funded research project, externally funded research project).

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        1. The criteria for reviewing and evaluating proposals includes the following:
          • Availability of funding for virtual conference attendance:
            • availability of KFUPM funded research project provision for conference attendance;
            • availability of external funded research project provisions.
          • Applicant eligibility:
            • employment status of applicant;
          • Conference eligibility:
            • flagship conference;
            • non-flagship conference;
          • Conference paper eligibility:
            • accepted paper, extended abstract or abstract;
            • invited or keynote speaker invitation;
          • DROC shall discuss the proposals received and either:
            • recommend for immediate approval; or
            • not recommend for approval.
          • The CSO shall advise the applicants of DROC’s decision. 

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          1. With the completion of the virtual conference, the recipient should submit to the CSO:
            • a conference report in the ERP (E-Business);
            • a soft copy of the conference proceedings (as provided by the conference organisers);
            • invoices pertaining to the conference registration fee and proof of payment (e.g., receipt or bank statement).
          2. The Finance Department shall make payment to the recipient.

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          1. Proper acknowledgment of KFUPM affiliation and conference attendance support (along with the project number, where relevant) in abstracts, publications and other outcomes is mandatory.
          2. Multiple acknowledgements in project outcomes should be treated according to the Multiple Project Acknowledgement Guidelines

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          1. DROC shall implement these guidelines.
          2. Non-compliance with any provision in these guidelines shall be reported to DROC.  

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          In monitoring and reviewing the implementation of these guidelines, the following compliance and performance indicators shall be used:

          1. Number of virtual conference applications received, approved and rejected each year;
          2. Number of faculty members and researchers applying for and receiving support for virtual conference attendance;
          3. Level of funding support for virtual conference attendance each year.  

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