Conference Attendance Guidelines for Graduate Students

Conference Attendance for Graduate Students

Last Update on: 13 December 2022

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Eligibility
  4. Conference Quality
  5. Application Procedure
  6. General Regulations
  7. General Considerations

The Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination (DROC), in coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies, will manage the Graduate Student Conference Program sponsored by KFUPM Fund Office. It aims to enable our graduate students to contribute to their research fields through presenting their findings in flagship and renowned conferences.

Travel grants will be provided to PhD and MS students with accepted papers at internationally renowned conferences for presenting their research findings. Award amounts are based on geographic location, registration fees, among other factors. Awards will not, under any circumstances, exceed SR 10,000. Those who meet the eligibility criteria and observe the application policies and procedures will be supported.

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This program aims to enable our graduate students to present their findings in renowned conferences, which will enhance the university visibility and give an opportunity to our graduate students to interact with other researchers in related domain. The award is competitive and will encourage the graduate students to submit their work in flagship conferences in their areas of research.

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  1. Recipients must be enrolled (full-time) in a graduate (PhD and MS) programs and be a registered student during the term in which the conference takes place.
  2. Students must be presenting a paper at the conference for which funds are requested. In the event of dual authorship of a paper accepted for presentation, only the presenting author may receive an award.
  3. Only one award will be considered per year per student, up to two awards in total for PhD Students, and one award in total for MS Student, based on availability of fund.
  4. Applicant must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in the semester in which he is applying for the conference. For PhD Student, he/she has successfully passed the comprehensive exam.
  5. Student should use reduced registration rates offered by the professional societies, and should not be receiving any funding for the conference attendance from other sources.
  6. The Conference paper acceptance should be based on full paper submission1.

1 Accepted paper can be in the form of abstract/extended abstract/full paper.

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The DROC and Deanship of Graduate Studies support attendance to high-quality international conferences.

4.1 Flagship Conferences

The University supports attendance to Flagship and high-quality international conferences proposed by the Departments, approved and ranked as A* or A by the DROC, and posted in the DROC website.

The conference applications falling into the list of Flagship conferences, approved by the DROC and ranked A* or A with some of the conferences indexed or having its presence in Scopus would be processed swiftly.

4.2 Non-Flagship Conferences

The attendance to conferences ranked B will be evaluated internally by DROC. Attendance to Non-Flagship conferences, or conferences not present in the approved list of Flagship conferences or Scopus would be evaluated as follows:

A detailed Evaluation would be carried out as to how the conference could fit into the criteria and categories of a Flagship Conference that are defined by the DROC and approved by the higher administration.

Upon obtaining the satisfactory evaluation and the justifications associated with the quality of the conference, the final decision would be made by the Dean of DROC on the conference application.

Attendance of a student to conferences held in his own country of origin is not encouraged unless the conference is flagship (A*) and/or there is a strong justification on its quality.

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A filled application form with supporting documents endorsed and signed by the Thesis Advisor, Graduate Coordinator, Chairman of academic department and the Dean of Graduate Studies with the following attachments:

  1. Copy of the accepted paper to be presented.
  2. Proof of acceptance of the paper (abstract/extended abstract/full paper).
  3. A brief statement on the relevance of the conference/exhibition to the student research must be attached to the application.


The completed application form and required documents must be submitted at least (30) thirty “working” days prior to the conference dates in order to have enough time for the travel arrangements.

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This grant is mainly to support Graduate Students Conference Travel. The grant is supported by the KFUPM Fund Office under the Research & Innovation Programs and managed by the Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination (DROC) in coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

6.1 Approval Procedure

The DROC manages the approval process that starts with application, then screening at the Conference Office, and final approval by Vice President for Research & Innovation (VPRI). The DROC will issue conference support letter (based on the approval) including the advanced payment amount and the round destination for the ticket. The KFUPM Fund Office issues advanced payment to graduate student account and an order for round ticket (economy class). Upon submitting conference attendance and expenses report (invoices and proof of payments) to the DROC, Deanship will issue a letter to the KFUPM Fund Office about unsettled amount to be returned to KFUPM Fund (if any) or amount to be transferred to student account.

6.2 Financial Benefits

The applicant will receive total support amount (award), not exceeding SR 10,000, to attend conference which includes actual round-trip air ticket fare, the conference registration fee, the actual hotel room rent, visa fee (including insurance), single exit-reentry fee and the per diem.

  1. Travel Orders-Air Tickets
    • The KFUPM Fund Office is NOT responsible for issuing any travel orders or air tickets. It is the responsibility of graduate student (applicant) to make flight reservations after receiving award.
  2. Conference Registration
    • It is the responsibility of the graduate student (applicant) to us reduced registration rates offered by the professional societies after receiving the award, and should not be receiving any funding for the conference attendance from other sources.
  3. Hotel Bookings
    • It is the responsibility of the graduate student (applicant) to make the hotel bookings after receiving the award.
  4. Per-Diem
    • The following per diem1 rates (Incidental Expenses) will be applied for in-kingdom and out-of-kingdom travel. The rate is inclusive to meals and local transportation (taxis, rent-a-car, metro etc.,)
      Applicantin-kingdom out of kingdom
      PhD or MS Student100300

      1 Per-Diem will be based on the University approved per-diem policy. The number of per diem days would be that of the actual conference days, not exceeding the conference duration of 7 days.


  1. Students will be notified via official Memo about the decision on their conference application.
  2. KFUPM Fund Office will issue the approved support amount as per the policies.
6.3 Upon Return from the Conference

The following supporting documents are required by the Conference Office, DROC to be submitted by the applicant on his return from his conference

  1. Conference trip report
    • The conference trip report, detailing the program, themes, organization of the conference etc.,
  2. Air ticket
    • The flight booking along with the invoice
    • Flight tickets
  3. Hotel Booking
    • The hotel booking along with the invoice.

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    1. A student is NOT allowed to attend a conference during final exams if he is registered for courses.
    2. If the student does not attend the conference, he should immediately contact the Conference Office in the DROC. Note: If already any expenses/tickets are already disbursed, the amount will be required to be paid back to University.
    3. The appropriate affiliation of the Department, the University in the full-length paper is a pre-requisite for considering any conference attendance application. The University should be exclusively acknowledged in full (with the project number in case of paper resulting from a funded project). The following is an example of acknowledgment: “The author(s) would like to acknowledge the support provided by the Deanship of Research Oversight and Coordination at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) under Research Grant xxxxx)”

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