Applied Research Award

Applied Research Award

Last Update on: 20 August 2023

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  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. Definitions and Acronyms
  4. Objectives
  5. Eligibility Criteria
  6. Selection Criteria for Award
  7. Nominations
  8. Selection of Recipients
  9. Award Benefits
  10. Implementation, Compliance, and Reporting
  11. Document Amendment Information

The purpose of these guidelines is to support the administration of the Applied Research Award (the award).  

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  1. These guidelines apply to the Applied Research Award.  
  2. These guidelines apply to all KFUPM faculty and researchers.
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1. Definitions

Client-funded project

Applied research project that is funded by an outside client and is defined by specific terms and conditions outlined in the research contract and agreed to by all parties involved.
Co-InvestigatorResearch team member responsible for coordinating and working with the Principal Investigator (PI) and the other research team members in the preparation, conduct and administration of research.
Principal InvestigatorThe primary individual responsible for the preparation, conduct and administration of a research grant and project agreement.
ProjectA product of an approved research proposal that is scientifically reviewed by a competent body and has an allocated fund by the DROC. It generally seeks to systematically investigate a problem through scientific methodologies conforming to academic best practices to achieve the defined research objectives.
Project outcomesScholarly outcomes which result from the project after its inception with a clear acknowledgment of the project and its number.
2. Acronyms
CHPECommittee on Convocation, Honors, and Public Events
DROCDeanship of Research Oversight and Coordination
KFUPMKing Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
PIPrincipal Investigator 
RCResearch Committee
USCUniversity Scientific Council
VPRIVice President of Research and Innovation
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The objectives of the award are to recognize excellence in applied research and foster a well-resourced research environment.

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  1. All KFUPM faculty members and researchers are eligible for the award where:
    • at the time of the award, they have three or more calendar years of continuous service to KFUPM (including sabbatical leave and official assignments);
  2. KFUPM faculty members and researchers may only receive the award once during their entire service at the University. 
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    The selection criteria for the award includes the following:

    1. the magnitude, quality and significance of research accomplished in externally-funded (i.e., client and government funded) research activities (70% weightage) as evidenced by:
      • funding secured;
      • timely completion of project objectives;
      • research outcomes such as publications and patents.
      • Newly developed research and technical capabilities
    2. honors/awards (10% weightage);
    3. Client-oriented scoring rubric (10% weightage);
    4. contributions to the preparation of proposals, reports, and technical memoranda (10% weightage).
    5. For Applied Research (Management) Award, the Committee will focus on the following:
      • number, duration, and cost of projects managed by the applicant;
      • contributions in the preparation of proposals, reports, and technical memoranda;
      • journal and conference publications;
      • facilities developed;
      • Additional credit should be provided to the applicant who provides evidence of client's satisfaction for the project managed by the applicant.
    6. For the Applied Research (Team) Award, during the review of the nominated project teams, the committee will consider the following:
      • cost, duration, size and nature (theory, simulation, fieldwork, lab study, etc.) of the contesting projects.
      • project outcomes, e.g. major reports, patents, journal and conference publications, and any products developed.
      • An applicant team that has completed the project within time (with the submission of the final report) and within budget should only be considered for the award.
      • Additional credit should be given to the applicant team that provides evidence of client's satisfaction with the project outcomes.
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    1. The deadline for submission of nominations will be announced by DROC.
    2. Center Directors may submit a maximum of two nominations for the award each year.
    3. Nominations should be submitted to the University Research Committee. 
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    1. The Research Committee is tasked each year to select award recipients. 

    2. The Committee shall select a maximum of three nominations for each track (i.e., the Applied Research Management Award and Applied Research Team Award).

    3. The Committee shall forward recommended nominations to the VPRI.

    4. The Research Committee shall select two nominees, and make a recommendation to the VPRI for final approval.

    5. CHPE will inform the successful recipients.

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    1. DROC is responsible for monitoring the implementation of these guidelines using the following performance indicators:

      • the number of awards allocated, annually;

      • the number of issues reported in relation to the awards scheme.

    2. Center Directors are responsible for ensuring compliance with these guidelines.

    3. Non-compliance with these guidelines shall be immediately reported to VPRI.

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